What Goals Have You Achieved This Month?

So, today is the last full week of January 2017. Yay! The month has been a long one. With all the festive spending and investments made, someone’s excited about something. However, asides, money, January had been rather interesting. This is as I have achieved some of my goals. (Remember I spoke about the importance of goal setting in my last post).

How did I get to achieve my goals so early in the year?


I did not give myself the opportunity to play with my goals.  Playing being procrastinating the things I needed to do. Also, I set my alarm for 3:00 am every morning. Now the interesting thing is the sound of the alarm didn’t get me up 100 per cent rather the message did. My alarm message reads how much I want to earn in a month. (Money is a good motivator sometimes) Therefore, once the buzz comes on I get up and to something. Whether it’s writing an article or researching a new topic 3: oo am does not find me asleep.

Also, I pushed myself to meet more people and take chances. Plus I stopped being afraid of failing. In addition, social media has been a huge resource. Through LinkedIn and Twitter, I have been able to establish contacts that have been extremely useful to me.

If You’ve Not Achieved Your Goals Don’t Cry

Now, there are some goals I have not achieved, but I am not beating myself up about them. No need to, since I continue to work towards them. So, don’t be mad or discouraged if you have not achieved any of your goals. Instead, continue to visualise those goals and work towards them.

If you are reading this and have not gotten any goals for the year, sit yourself down and think about what you want, write them down and go get em.

Things I Learnt In January

  • Not to be scared of new experiences.
  • Listening to my heart.
  • Following up is never a bad idea.
  • Leaving my comfort zone is for my benefit.

How have you been doing with your goals so far? Tell us what you’ve ticked off and what you’re working towards. We would like to hear from you.


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