Following shifts in the global economy, technological change and the increased sophistication of customers and clients, employers are on the lookout for employees with certain skill sets.

Agreeably, today’s workforce is shrinking with the coming of outsourcing and virtual assistants, but employers still need employees. The kind of employees needed is the question.

Today’s employee should be flexible, able to multitask and a fast learner. Here are a few employability skills you need despite what industry you’re in.


With the increased use of the internet and the invention of more and more tools to improve productivity, workplaces are now moving online. Therefore, employers are seeking people who know how to work with major online productivity tools such as Google Docs, DropBox, e.t.c. If you have no idea what these tools are it’ll do you good to start researching and learning how to use these applications.

Social Media Skills.


Companies today cannot afford not to be online. Be it the public or private sector, online communication and engagement are important. Therefore, it is important employees know to make use of social media platforms such as Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook amongst others.  Social Media skills such as blogging, Keyword Analytics, Email Marketing, and Content Management are a few skills one must have especially if you’re in the media sector.

Microsoft Office Skills And Google Docs.

Everyone is required to have a basic understanding of how to use Microsoft office. However, basic may not be enough as an employee. Most organizations use Microsoft office for more than typing memos. As an employee, you should be able to track changes, draw up charts and use excel for calculations. In addition, the ability to use Google Docs is an added advantage as more and more organizations are beginning to see its impact on productivity. Google docs and Google sheets are great office tools which work like Microsoft’s World and Excel. One cool thing about Google drive is that you can work offline and online.


Undoubtedly, creativity is a most for every industry. Gone are the days when creativity was synonymous with advertising. With the rise in competition, you need to be able creative to in order to solve a problem, ask questions before your customers do. Creative mindsets breed innovation which companies need.

Verbal and Written Communication.

One of the most common skills on any resume is the verbal and written communication skill. This is not a bad skill rather its importance is worth overemphasizing because every organization needs its employees to be able to interact with its customers confidently and clearly.

In addition, writing is a most, as employees will be required to send emails, write memos or reports at some point. The ability to clearly express your ideas in written and verbal form is, therefore, a necessary skill in any sector.


Being able to adapt to changing times may just help you keep a job or land a new one. Changing times may come with more workload, and longer office hours. Only skilled employees are able to adapt to changes without it affecting their workflow. Employers love this set of employees.

Ability to Make Decisions and Solve Problems.

The ability to make informed decisions and solve problems are essential skills, both in the workplace and outside office hours. Inevitably, the time will come when you need to make a call. These situations come expectedly and other times not so expected.

Despite the timing, how you handle the situation could be the turning point in your career.

Picture this, you’re the most superior person around and your company is having a bad time, the company’s lawyer wants to know the next line of action.

Do you fold your arms or to you call a meeting?

What to do?  Your ability to call a meeting, brainstorm and carry out a SWOT analysis will determine how fast you can think and work under pressure.

Who wouldn’t keep such an employee? Good decision-making and problem-solving skills require a mixture of creative development, identification of options, and clarity of judgment.

Ability To Plan And Prioritize.


Ever felt overwhelmed by your workload and that seems you never get anything done? That’s where the ability to prioritize and plan comes in.

Every workplace project must be completed within a specific time frame, therefore employees must plan ahead of time to bring the project to fruition.  The ability to manage your time properly and complete assignments before deadlines is always a plus. No one wants a laggard.


Regardless of the job, employers want to hire people who can get along with others to achieve a goal. No employer wants to work with difficult people. If you have a hard time working with people, you need to learn how to. The ability to work in a team is a skill that is needed both within and outside the workplace.

These skill sets are by no means an exhaustive list, however, the above-mentioned skills are transferable and needed in every industry. If you already have these skills make sure you demonstrate how you have made use of them in your resume.

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