What Goals Have You Achieved This Month?

So, today is the last full week of January 2017. Yay! The month has been a long one. With all the festive spending and investments made, someone’s excited about something. However, asides, money, January had been rather interesting. This is as I have achieved some of my goals. (Remember I spoke about the importance of […]

Start Setting Goals & Make 2017 Fantastic

  Personally, I find it hard to set goals even though I have heard how important goal setting is. The truth is I am scared of writing what I want. I feared my written goals would mock me when not unachieved. However, after listening to Brain Tracy’s the Power of Self-Discipline I challenged myself to […]

Purpose. Why Are You Here?

    Knowing your purpose is an important factor in achieving a  fulfilled  life. I gave a talk recently on discovering potentials and looking back at myself two years I would have laughed if anyone had told me I would give a talk let alone on potentials. My laughter would have been caused by me […]