What Goals Have You Achieved This Month?

So, today is the last full week of January 2017. Yay! The month has been a long one. With all the festive spending and investments made, someone’s excited about something. However, asides, money, January had been rather interesting. This is as I have achieved some of my goals. (Remember I spoke about the importance of […]

Start Setting Goals & Make 2017 Fantastic

  Personally, I find it hard to set goals even though I have heard how important goal setting is. The truth is I am scared of writing what I want. I feared my written goals would mock me when not unachieved. However, after listening to Brain Tracy’s the Power of Self-Discipline I challenged myself to […]

Networking for Success

  Networking is an important component in business or career. However, it is often overlooked or not carried out in the correct manner. For instance, in the past, I equated networking with bothering people. Therefore, I concluded networking was not for me. However, after starting my own business,  I had to get my name out […]

Purpose. Why Are You Here?

    Knowing your purpose is an important factor in achieving a  fulfilled  life. I gave a talk recently on discovering potentials and looking back at myself two years I would have laughed if anyone had told me I would give a talk let alone on potentials. My laughter would have been caused by me […]


Following shifts in the global economy, technological change and the increased sophistication of customers and clients, employers are on the lookout for employees with certain skill sets. Agreeably, today’s workforce is shrinking with the coming of outsourcing and virtual assistants, but employers still need employees. The kind of employees needed is the question. Today’s employee […]