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believe you

“Believe you”. That was my answer to a question asked by a contact on

That was my answer to a question asked by a contact on LinkedIn.  The question was “ what would be your advice to your

The question?  “ what would be your advice to your 21-year-old self”.

Looking back, my 21 year old self  I was a little silly, fairly conscious but doubted myself. Conscious being I was aware I could have anything I wanted. However, I was scared of taking chances. I only took opportunities I felt I could excel at. Anything that looked challenging in any way was a no. There I was and my resume read, “looking for challenging opportunities”.

Throughout this phase, one thing I never stopped doing was learning and reading. When I was online I was following trends in different sectors, offline I was doing the same. I had an urge to know and my quest for knowledge had me thinking globally. Therefore, I absorbed political, educational, economical and social content with a view to understanding issues from a global perspective.

My knowledge gathering paid off. I assume the stuff I own would look good on social media but I never tweet about it.  While I am still evolving, I am a much more confident, daring, intelligent, socially conscious young woman.

Dear 21 year old ignore our pretentious world that lets young people doubt themselves. Shrouded with distractions meshed in  falsehood promoted by social media, it is easy to forget who you are. It seems with every social media notification someone’s getting paid and living the life you dream of.

While it is easy to  feel small and oppressed by displays of  wealth, here’s what you should be doing.

Finding out who you are and learning to believe in yourself.


To my 21 year old self,

Take a chance, fail, be better.

Take a chance, pitch an editor, get paid for writing.

Take a chance, ask God for a sign, fall sick, discover you.

Take a chance, believe you.


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